Richie Sambora & Orianthi

RSO is RICHIE SAMBORA and ORIANTHI, two extraordinary musicians and songwriters who’ve combined their passion for guitars and their magnetic stage presence to form one hot, rock duo. These two Multi-Platinum selling artists have toured the world, written #1 singles, collaborated with mega-stars and released breakthrough solo projects – now they are joining forces as classic rock powerhouse RSO: RICHIE SAMBORA + ORIANTHI. As part of this tour, fans can expect to hear songs from both Richie and Orianthi’s catalogues, Bon Jovi classics, plus songs from other artists they have performed with including, Michael Jackson’s Black or White and Alice Cooper’s School’s Out. The tour will feature world-class guitar mastery, with the charismatic duo creating an extraordinary show. Grammy Award Winner Sambora brings to the table his Songwriters Hall of Fame skills conjuring addictive hooks and poetic lyrics. Richie has expressed his excitement about the upcoming tour, stating “I can’t wait to perform the classic songs fans know and love, as well as share a preview of what you can expect to hear on our upcoming debut album.” Richie Sambora was a founding member and lead guitarist for Bon Jovi for almost 30 years, co-writing some of the band’s most successful songs such as Livin’ On A Prayer, Wanted Dead or Alive, Lay Your Hands On Me, Keep The Faith, I’ll Be There For You and These Days. He has collaborated with artists like Cher, Les Paul, Desmond Child, Pink and even our own Shannon Noll! Having sold over 100 million records with Bon Jovi, Sambora has released three solo albums, his most recent, The Aftermath of the Lowdown in 2012 after which he toured Australia with Orianthi as special guest, as part of the 2014 Soundwave Festival. Australia’s own rock goddess, Adelaide born Orianthi, is a renowned guitar talent and exceptional, sensitive songwriter. She is one of only three female guitarists ever to grace the cover of US Guitar magazine, the first female guitarist to play in Alice Cooper’s band and was enlisted by the late Michael Jackson for his ‘This Is It’ concert tour (and featured heavily in the film of the same name). As the lead singer/guitarist and primary songwriter for 3x ARIA Award winning rock band The Superjesus, Sarah McLeod’s successful career began in the late 90s. The Superjesus achieved Platinum album sales and multiple Top 40 singles including “Gravity”, “Down Again” and “Secret Agent Man” which are still rock radio staples nationally. With Supporting Act:



Various locations

Shaolin Warriors

Direct from China, the legendary Shaolin Warriors will return to Australia these September and October school holidays, punching, kicking and tumbling in a spectacular, dynamic production. Shaolin Warriors is more than a Kung-fu show; it’s a traditional strength through adversity story. Featuring rarely seen Buddhist meditation alongside deadly martial-arts prowess, this breathtaking extravaganza starring 20 kung fu masters follows the journey from a young child’s initiation into the monastery, to achieving fully fledged warrior status through diligent training and study. The original kung fu spectacular, Shaolin Warriors has had audiences around the world gasping in disbelief at the awe-inspiring demonstrations of hypnotic and death-defying feats. From balancing on sharp metal spears to smashing marble slabs with their heads, from the troupe’s incredible synchronization to their proficiency with 18 dangerous traditional weapons, the Shaolin Warriors will amaze audiences beyond the boundaries of their own belief. Over the last 16 years, the Shaolin Warriors have become a worldwide sensation, playing to sell-out audiences and standing ovations wherever they have performed – from North America to the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Tour Promoter, Andrew Kay says “We are thrilled to be bringing this great family show back to Australia. It is wonderful to see family’s of all ages transfixed by the mystical beauty of the Shaolin performance and thrilled by their Warriors amazing feats of strength and endurance”. Supported by stunning scenery, atmospheric music, spectacular lighting and costumes, Shaolin Warriors is the ultimate display of theatre and deadly physical prowess, and a “must-see” for adults and children alike.



At Enmore Theatre, NSW

An Evening with Dr Ben Goldacre

Homeopathic hucksters. Nonsensical naturopaths. Anti-intellectual anti-vaxxers. Slippery statisticians. The ‘journalists’ daring to declare meats as critically carcinogenic. And let’s not forget – let’s not forget – fraudulent pharmaceutical firms. In a Venn diagram, the point of convergence for them and their likes is ‘bad science’: the very bullseye of bullsh*t. So when the public is kept in the dark about the detrimental duplicity of these declarations, how many scientists does it take to screw in the lightbulb that illuminates the facts? Just one: Dr Ben Goldacre, shining a light in Australia this month. A graduate of Oxford University, a licensed physician, and imminent researcher and academic, Dr Ben Goldacre describes ‘bad science’ simply as “…when people make claims which they assert are scientific, but when you look at the evidence, it doesn’t support the claims that they’ve made.” Helming this dissemination of factoids, Goldacre says, is sensationalistic mainstream media, crooked corporations, and some individualistic, less-than-reliable ‘researchers’. Though he has enjoyed a well-endowed career as a physician, researcher and academic, this has not safeguarded any of these occupations from coming under Goldacre’s scrutiny. Blending comedy and criticism, Goldacre wrote the heralded ‘Bad Science’ weekly column for The Guardian between 2003 and 2011, during which he published his award-winning bestseller Bad Science in 2008, targeting peddlers of alternative medicine with no credible scientific backings. His follow-up book placed the same counterfeits of the corporate world into Goldacre’s crosshairs, with Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients (2012). His work has not only been acclaimed by critics, but by fellow researchers and academics for his approach to endowing the public with skills in rational thinking. Think Inc. – the folks behind the Australian tours of Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sam Harris & Maajid Nawaz, The ‘Amazing’ James Randi, Dr Brian Greene, Steve Wozniak, Dr Cornel West, Dr Michio Kaku, and Edward Snowden – are proud to set September 2016 to help audiences upgrade their bullsh*t meters with Dr Ben Goldacre.



At The Big Top, Bonython Park, SA

Circus of Illusion

Escape into an other-worldly fantasy under the big top for a truly magical experience... where circus and illusion fuse into a show of whimsical wonder and pure dramatic spectacle! Circus of Illusion brings together a talented troupe of world-class performers from across the globe to thrillingly entertain with 2 hours of mystery and mayhem. A colourful parade of top circus artists, clowns, jugglers, mimes, magicians and illusionists to keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you totally amazed and mesmerised. New York ringmaster Ebon Grayman (a former Cirque Du Soleil performer) heads the show and will command your full attention, keeping you captivated with his expressive, eccentric character comedy. Spanish visual comic, clown and renowned circus artist Duban Nickol will keep you laughing in the aisles with his impressive suite of side-splitting comedic talents and deft, clever antics. French mime artiste, the brilliant Stephan Le Forestier, who studied with the legendary Marcel Marceau, will ignite your imagination with acts of stunning magic, mime and elegant artistry. Internationally acclaimed Illusionist and “Australia’s Got Talent” finalist Michael Boyd, presents brand new acts of death-defying escapes, incredible levitating ladies and ingenuous heart-stopping illusions never before seen in this country! Circus of Illusion is captivating and enthralling entertainment for adults and kids of all ages! Presented in a fully seated, heated big top with walkup magical experiences including the Magic Mirror Maze, a Museum of Magical Arts and Magic Workshops where kids can learn magic.