At The Comic's Lounge, VIC


Movies, Sketch, Stand-Up, TV appearances, radio DJ and talk show host, improvisation and a published author, Akmal is one of Australia’s most respected, successful and accomplished comics. Akmal has a fascinating past. Originally immigrating to Australia from Egypt with his family nearly 30 years ago. He sums it up in his own inimitable style – “My parents didn’t tell us where we were going. We thought it was two hours away. Twenty hours later, we got off a plane and we were on another planet”. This, and many other bizarre incidents dot Akmal’s life – suggesting a career in stand-up comedy was pre-ordained, either that or he should have been committed early on. His Arab heritage steers his comedy to issues of religion, honesty, hysterical looks at modern day life. His uncanny comedic gift means he is one of those gifted comedians who has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand as soon as he walks on stage. He displays an incredible ability to deal with hot topics in a hilarious and non-offensive way. Akmal’s popularity has increased considerably over the last 10 years due to his regular appearances on national television shows such as Rove, The Glass House and “Thank God You’re Here”. As a result Akmal has toured the country with numerous sell out tours including his “Hoot” and “Gullible” tours. Akmal wrote and starred in “All Aussies are Boofta” – a sketch comedy show which enjoyed three successful seasons and critical acclaim at the legendary Harold Park Hotel, the Parramatta Riverside Theatre and The Harbourside Brasserie. He has appeared at Festivals all around the world including Adelaide Fringe Comedy Festival and Melbourne Comedy Festivals, Montreal ‘Just For Laughs’ Festival, Vancouver Comedy Festival, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.



At Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House, NSW

Sydney Philharmonia: A Sea Symphony

Composers have sought to capture not just the seas sounds, but its mystery, its capacity to excite us with its power, or to calm us with its tranquillity, or to awe us by its immensity. A Sea Symphony was Vaughan Willliams' first Symphony for choir and orchestra and marked his emergence as one of the most distinctive musical personalities of the twentieth century. The sound of the sea permeates the entire work from the sailors' sea shanties "Song for all Seas, all Ships", to the tranquillity of "On the beach at night, alone", and the exulting dramatic waves in "The Waves", and the words the choir sings are by the American poet Walt Whitman. Thirty years earlier Wagner had his hero Siegfried leave his lover Brunnhilde and travel down the Rhine at dawn. Siegfried's particular quest for adventure is depicted by Wagner in a thrilling instrumental interlude which not only describes his journey but also foretells his ultimate doom. In this program, we premiere a choral commission Wonders by eminent Australian composer Carl Vine. The piece draws inspiration from another poem by Walt Whitman, Wonders. The choir, who will number 400, will be joined by acclaimed soprano, Penelope Mills, one of Australia's finest baritones, Christopher Hillier and the talented Sydney Youth Orchestra. Prepare for a thrilling concert event! Conductor: Brett Weymark Soprano: Penelope Mills Baritone: Christopher Hillier Choirs: Symphony Chorus, Festival Chorus Orchestra: Sydney Youth Orchestra