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The Paul Kelly Project by Carus Thompson

Experience the magic: Picnic at sunset and enjoy this of homage to one of our greatest songwriters, under the summer stars.

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Perth - The Quarry Amphitheatre

Saturday 9 December 2023, 6:45pm

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This is a BYO picnic and alcohol event.

One of WA’s favourite singer-songwriter’s Carus Thompson is coming to The Quarry Amphitheatre with a special Paul Kelly show, performing two sets of songs by the iconic Australian artist.

Described as a “musical treasure in the Australian landscape” (The Dwarf), Thompson has been greatly influenced by the master-songsmith and in his own words “it’s a pleasure to be able to perform these wonderful songs”.

“When I was 21-22 I went to a Paul Kelly concert and it was a light bulb moment”, says Carus.   “I loved the storytelling, the honesty, and most importantly the Australian-ness. Paul Kelly set me on a path to where I am now, without a doubt.”

Thompson will be accompanied for this special show by his brother Christian Thompson on vocals, as well as one of Perth’s finest musicians Nathan Gaunt on electric guitar and vocals.

In support is the Perth talent Tom Fisher who will perform a superb set of Australian classics and originals.

Experience the magic: Picnic at sunset and enjoy this of homage to one of our greatest songwriters, under the summer stars.

BYO picnic & alcohol… and have a dance on stage.

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