The Bodyguard  – Sydney Last Chance

The Bodyguard – Sydney

The award-winning must leave Sydney 2 July

Cloud Nine Under $50

Cloud Nine

An enduring theatrical masterpiece

Please note that the offer is limited to maximum of 4 tickets per person

Scandalously funny, thought-provoking and heartbreaking, Cloud Nine is an enduring theatrical masterpiece.

It's a story about people bursting to change who they are. Betty is a mother lusting for adultery. Edward is a boy trying to be a man. Joshua is a servant with a hunger for power. Ellen is a governess in love with another woman. Around them is an extended family of husbands, sisters, lovers and friends. Everyone is looking for liberation.

Their story begins in Victorian-era Africa – a time of corsets and colonies, of suppressed urges and hunting rifles. The play ends in London a century later, but the characters have aged only 25 years. For some, dreams have come true. For others, the complications have only just begun. Along the way, Churchill unpicks the knotted realities of love and identity with an audacious sense of humour and more than a little sauciness.

Jacob Sartorius Under $50

Jacob Sartorius

An all-round entertainer and social media force
An Evening With Jimmy Webb Last Chance

An Evening With Jimmy Webb

Enjoy an intimate concert experience
The Imperial Bells of China - Chimes in Concert Under $50

The Imperial Bells of China - Chimes in Concert

Visually breathtaking and culturally unmissable
ZEDTOWN: State of Emergency Under $50

ZEDTOWN: State of Emergency

A real world zombie-themed game
Chris Rock Last Chance

Chris Rock

Total Blackout Tour
Archè – Melbourne Ballet Company Last Chance

Archè – Melbourne Ballet Company

A narrative-driven original ballet
Peter and the Wolf Under $50

Peter and the Wolf

Presented by City Recital Hall and George Ellis
Taronga Zoo & 24hr Ferry Pass Package Just Added

Taronga Zoo & 24hr Ferry Pass Package

Experience Sydney's best sights
Sydney Super Saver Pass Just Added

Sydney Super Saver Pass

Sydney's best value sightseeing pass