Don Quichotte

From a time when men were brave and bold comes the dreamer
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About the event

He chases bandits. Tilts at windmills. Serenades the pretty girls. He’s a hero like the knights of old, pursuing dreams the world forgot. It takes a special performer to make you fall in love with this eccentric character. Ferruccio Furlanetto’s Don Quichotte is famous.

He takes the dreams and delusions of the famous knight-errant and paints an earnest and endearing portrait of a man out of time. Furlanetto’s Don Quichotte is brimful of whimsy and bursting with bravery. His sonorous bass finds all the colours of Massenet’s lush, romantic score.

He performs with brilliant French conductor Guillaume Tourniaire and Elena Maximova as the damsel Dulcinée.