Anoushka Shankar

An evening of deeply expressive music
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About the event

A singular figure in the Indian classical and progressive world music scenes, Anoushka Shankar grew up playing alongside her father and Guru, the legendary Ravi Shankar. In recent years she has emerged as a global music star, performing to worldwide adulation for her breathtaking sitar virtuosity and releasing numerous critically acclaimed albums.

Anoushka Shankar's music takes the ancient Indian instrument firmly into the contemporary world – into electronica, classical music and flamenco, collaborating alongside the world’s great orchestras with artists as diverse as Sting, M.I.A and Herbie Hancock.

Co-written by the extraordinary percussionist and hang player Manu Delago, her album Land of Gold, is a response to the humanitarian plight of refugees and a searing cry against injustice. Be astounded by an evening of deeply expressive music, which draws upon India’s ancient culture, while creating a dynamically intoxicating sense of the contemporary.

“She’s one of the most gifted artists in her generation.”


“A natural talent blessed with fluid technique and keen musical instincts, she possesses a darker, purer sound than her father (Ravi Shankar) but is clearly guided by his tutelage.”


“Most people are musicians simply because they play a certain instrument; when they play that instrument the music appears. But Ravi to me, he is the music; it just happens to be that he plays the Sitar. And it’s like that with Anoushka. She has that quality – she is the music."