Air Play

Air Play

A comic adventure so epic it will lift you out of your seat

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Collect your boarding pass for a comic adventure so epic it will lift you out of your seat. Air Play marries the laugh-out-loud physical antics of New York duo Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone with the breathtaking air sculptures of artist Daniel Wurtzel to create a spectacular as hilarious as it is heart-warming.

Air Play is sewn from the sky: umbrellas, kites, balloons and snow are the constant companions of a sister and brother whose rivalry is only matched by their affection, and as their unbound imaginations launch them on wordless adventures far beyond the everyday you might wonder if they'll ever touch the ground again.

Wordless, but far from silent – Air Play's ever-changing visual playfulness is set to a soundtrack leaping from Balkan gypsy music to Nordic boys' choir, Italian avant-garde to back-country ballads. Set yourself to flight mode: feathered with fun and a sense of wonder, for one hour you'll be taken out of this world.